Welcome to School Of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 27, 2022, 2:34 pm: The start of SOS

Today at lunch, i played doom in the school library and the librarian came over and told me to shut it off........... whatever, i did it cus its not a big deal. closed doom and went to coding instead. There wasnt a problem until she called the OFFICE down on me and said i caused CONFLICT?!?!?! BOY i aint do SHIT! whatever, i didnt get in that much shit besides being sent down to the office and made to explain what went down. lame as fuck that i cant play doom at lunch tho. Right now im in Design class, not doing much just working on this lame house project.

P.S. Seth says hi

P.P.S Noah says "i like pizza :-P"

April 28, 2022, 8:59 am:

HELLOOOOOOOO, i am in design class. writing this while standing for the stupid national anthem.. o canada. anyways, sitting down again and my classmate showed me this instagram page which is basicly just some homophobic bitch calling gay ppl furries and posting pics of them .. i dont get people to be honest. highschool girls are the worst. i dont really care about other people getting posted as long as they dont post me? anyway we're having a code blue lock down at 9:15 am. anyway, ill report back later

BACK!! we did the code blue and i played geomitry dash super fuckin loud LMAO it pissed the teacher off. anyway at lunch im going somewhere with noah and his therapist to eat, and im also going to his house after school. cant wait!

April 29,2022,1:18 pm:

Not much happened today, i got the bus to school from Noahs house for the first time, which was pretty fuckin sick :-). When i got to school i had 2 bagels with a FUCK ton of cream cheese and then went to class, canadian history. tbh its boring as fuck and im failing in it LOL. anyway at lunch me and noah basicly just hung out around the main area and talked. its friday , and im going over to his house for the weekend aswell so that means ROADTRIPPPP afterschool!!!! hell yeah mother fucker!!!! not sure what were gonna do all weekend, probably hang outside, watch youtube and smoke or some shit. anywayyysss, im pretty fuckin bored, Noahs watching car crash compliations with the other guys, so i basicly have the computer all to myself. Earlier on i was trying to install doom on the computer, but i found out you cant unzip folders on chromebooks!!! fucking bummer really. oh, also, check out what i learned to do:

im trying to spice up my code a little bit, hopefully ill be able to make a cool website someday. i wanna make somthing to put my doom levels on (if i ever fuckin finish one LMAO) but for now, this site will be my test site. I plan on writing entrys whenever i get the chance to, And hopefully get Noah to write somthing too :-). But until then, seeya later losers!!

May 2, 2022, 12:33 pm:

ITS MAYY!!!!!!!!! military month baby!!!!......... which is boring as fuck! cant wait to hear annoying people complain about not having a month for military workers during june... anyways, i spent the weekend at Noahs, we didnt do much tbh but we did get into a nasty fist fight which led to me fucking up my hand again. were cool now tho :-P We did bottles, which is basicly just sorting bottles and cans into bags. i got over 200 tabs for it tho so fuck yea! OH! also, may 9th i have a psychosis assessment! woooo! im crazy!!!! i wonder what made her think im psychotic (well besides talking about wanting to kill and cannibalize people LOL). anyway... This week is mental health week. we started the morning off with a fucking cold walk around a track. then at lunch they gave out free burgers, which were pretty average. and then on thursday, were going bowling! im gonna kick Noahs ass. thats about it for todays report, at least for now! anyways, if youve been keeping up with this website, you probably noticed i added a "toggle dark mode" option! im really getting used to this coding shit, its a LOT easier than i thought it would be.anyway class is about to end, so ill Seeya later!

May 3, 1:49 pm:

Last class of the day.. honestly today fucking sucked. the princibal didnt put my art on the wall probably because i put "i like violent videogames", which made me really angry.. then this girl named Naudia started pissing me off in food class. she tapped my shoulder and was like "dont forget to put your dishes away when youre done cooking." i was like "well, yeah? no shit.." (i didnt say it like that but you get what i mean) and then went to the kitchen for 1 second to put somthing away, and when i came back the dishes were gone. i was like "what???" and shes like "oh i just put them away myself..." like okay bitch..?? and then she did it AGAIN with the beaters, i walked away for one second and SHE CLEANED IT FOR ME. usually id say "thank you!" if someone did this for me but SHE DOES IT OUT OF SPITE, AND SHE PICKS ON ME CONSTANTLY. EVER SINCE I MET HER, SHES BEEN A HUGE BITCH TO ME AND I DONT KNOW WHY. she calls me retarded, she yells at me, tells me im doing things wrong, just overall treats me like fucking SHIT. and when she doesnt get her way, she cries. shes a major teachers pet, ughhhh i just.. fucking hate her. anyway thats enough ranting, back to good news: Ive been tryna get out my music-block for a while, and i think i finally got somthing to work with! i honestly cant wait to go home rahhhhhhhhhh. bye

May 6th, 11:56 am:

Opps! i forgot to update for the past 2 days lol, my bad.. yesterday we went bowling (i kicked my teams ass) for mental health day or somthing like that. besidses that, nothing new. its friday though! which means WEEKEND! thank fuck the weeks over... its been awful man. people have been putting me down constantly, telling me off, getting after me, taking their anger out on me, etc etc... im getting really tired of it. not only that but Noahs been more aggitated than usual and i cant even help him anymore. actually, i feel like IM the one aggitating him the most. sometimes, i feel like he wishes i wasnt here. i kindof pick on him a lot and even though its a joke, he seems to get bothered by it a lot. problem is, i cant.. stop? i physically cant stop or else i just wont be happy. I like being mean and picking on people, even if its just a joke its addicting. plus, its funny. but he doesnt like it at all. i mean, hes already a sensitive person so its not like im surprised, but still its hard being friends with someone with a completely different personality than me. Hes more quiet, soft,,, nicer. im loud and hyper, and i say awful shit constantly. im actually antisocial, but im not introverted? i can talk to people just fine, i make others laugh and its not hard to make friends at all. i have a charm and i know when to turn it on and off so socializing isnt really hard for me.. its just i dont want to. i hate dealing with peoples problems. once you become friends with someone, their problems become yours (or at least they expect them to be). Noahs problems are mine half the time, we cant really go anywhere without his anxiety ruining the mood. its not his fault and i dont hate him for it, but id be lying if i said it doesnt bother me a bit. i wish he was happier.. and younger again. we used to have so much fun hanging out and then he just grew up or something, i dont know. maybe once we get out of school itll be different.. but to be honest, i wont be surprised if he leaves me when school ends. he seems to have a lot more fun with everyone else than me, like he literally is a whole different person with other people. hes hyper and funny and shit, but with me hes just depressed. i know its cus hes used to me and feels safe sharing those emotions with me but i cant handle it all the time. and i feel like hes just gonna abandon me anyway.. all of this doesnt really matter i guess, because im probably going to kill someone and myself in like 3 years anyway. sorry, didnt mean to rant... i doubt anyones reading this bullshit anyway. i dont even know why i started this website, it was mostly to just put my thoughts somewhere but i couldve just wrote it in my notes app so clearly im hoping someone reads this. i guess its to leave a mark on the world somehow. if i do kill myself (or anyone else) in the future, this will be like my "confession" lol. or i guess more of my motive... giving you idea as to why i did it. fuck!! what am i talking about anymore?? im not gonna kill anyone im just being crazy. ill check back in on monday i guess. later.

May 10th, 9:01 am:

Happy tuesday! Over the weekend i found a new game: POSTAL. and holy fuck this game is awesome. basicly, you kill EVERYONE! and i mean EVERYONE. you just bomb and shoot innocent people for no reason and i LOVE IT!! besides that, my sleep schedules been a bit fucky and im SO tired right now. and dizzy.. i feel like im about to faint for some reason? Its just the start of the day so i dont have much to write about, so ill check back in tomorow. later!

May 13th, 1:57 pm:

just got into a huge argument with noah that led to us really talking about how we feel and honestly it was needed but...... im really hurt. but im okay, gotta man up and smile. pretending to be happy is a one way ticket to BEING happy. anyways hes coming over this weekend hopefully everythings okay then, considering we only really act out when were at school. i wish he knew how much i love him, i love him more than he loves me or will ever love me infact hes actually the only reason im alive. i love him so much im just so bad at showing it i feel horrible because of it. i hope to fucking god this works out, being with him has been the highlight of my life. thats all.

May 31, 1:20 pm

fuck this school. everyone in it is a bunch of fucking idiots. this whole month has just been hell for me, eveyrone is picking on me, treating me like shit, ive eben arguing with Noah, arguing with the class, fucking everything. Seth turnt into a total fucking asshole, he just yells at me when i make any mistakes and puts me down, tells me to shut the fuck up and just do it right. Morgan always butts into my convos with noah and tells us to shut up, she calls me rude, she makes fun of me, she always tells me to change who i am. Kacy always fucking tells me to grow up. if i do anything funny, she calls me childish and says i need to grow up, wither it be jokes or just talking with noah, she calls me immature and gets on my ass calling me stupid, annoying, etc. Nautia always tries to take over and be the teacher, she grabs things from me and tries to show me HER way of doing it, she lies and calls me retarded, she cries when you call her out on her behaviour, and she alwyas tries to be funny and finish other peoples jokes. Taylor isnt that bad, but she gets offended over everything i say including your mom jokes that arent even directed towards her, she also tells me to grow up and tells me im too immature. The teacher is a fucking IDIOT. she doesnt help at all, shes never positive, she always insults me but like, secretly?? as if i dont notice it. everytime i ask her a question, shell just fucking stare at me, for like 10 seconds as if shes high off her ass, and then either completly dodge the question or answer it completely wrong / complicated. if you do everything perfect but fuck up on ONE thing, she will point it out. for example, today i went andn picked up like 40 cans from the fridge and put it on a tray. i shouldnt have done that, considering i also cooked burgers, served them, and cleaned up. but i did it anyway. and when i came back? she didnt say thank you. she said "give me a drink, you took 10 minutes." fuck. you. i hate this school. theyre all ungreatful and rude, take me for granted and treat me like dog shit. i hope they all die.

june 20, 9:04 am


Well, not the very last day. but the last of grade 11! Noah and I are going to a therapist appointment (AKA free food for me) and then we are haning out with some old friends, and im gonna do SHROOMS! this is my first time doing that, im a BIT nervous, cus my mental health isnt the most AMAZINGGGGGG... i wanna kill everybody i KNOW but YKNOW!!!! whatever, thats normal to me. Hopefully the shrooms dont make me wanna murder my friends! Noah is gonna be my sitting buddy while i trip bawlls. theyll probably offer him weed or somthing so hes not bored though. anyway, sorry for not updating alot. i had a job over at subway that i wasnt getting paid for because it was a school program. i wish i did , because they lowkey sexually harrassed me there but whateverrrr im a man i can handle it. i went to noahs this weekend and we had a campfire and made SOUP on it. i had chicken noodle, he had beans. some guy helped us out with getting fire wood. he was shirtless and was wearing neon orange shorts. he was a hunk not gonna lie. but yeah! oh, also i took a personality disorder test over the week and im waiting on results. a lot of the questions were schizo based...? like "do you think youre being mind controlled" and "do you think people are spying on you". i answered false to most of those. But there were a few that shocked me when asked, mainly because they were EXACTLY what i think.. such as "i dont think there should be ANY law" and "i like hurting people just because i can". dont get me wrong, im not a bad guy. i just....... get off to certain things thats all. anyway, i hope i passed grade 11, this year was BEYOND hell for me. got bullied to hell, beat up, alllll that fun stuff but thats life! to bad i cant get MY revenge.. or can i? haha, nah, nah i cant talk about that here.. anyways, ill see whoever reads this next time. who knows, i might update from home... Peace!